E in ART global assistance program is a laboratory proven technique, built in compliance with international best practices. We provide quality of service and delivery, with the objective is to increase success rates.

E in ART multidisciplinary experts are specialized in building and running quality controlled and compliant IVF centers.

From setting up a laboratory from the start, to implementing processes and quality audits, “E in ART” consultants will coach you to learn step-by-step the use of state-of-the art tools, techniques and protocols in order to stand out as the leader in your service area.

The practice of Reproductive Medicine incorporating programs of cryopreservation is becoming more complex and requires the highest quality standards which today are more rigorous than ever before.

To meet the needs of clinics around the world, and efficiently execute research and development projects, IVF laboratories must perform at their best. Our experts stay informed of the latest research and will share their knowledge to take you to the next level

-   Implementing processes

-   Quality audits

-   Trouble shooting

Customization: Let us know what you are looking for, and together we will craft a plan that answers your needs.

Best Practice

Best practice
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